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URBNMONK originated from our own journey of self discovery towards good health. We stumbled upon Kombucha back in 2014 while trying to find the perfect feel good beverage and have been brewing since then. Our hobby soon became a passion and we felt the need to spread the goodness among the people we knew. We developed our own brewing process while spending a good amount of time perfecting our brews.

We believe that healthy should also taste great and saw a clear gap in the market. With a product “fit for indulgence” we just had to #trustourguts and URBNMONK Kombucha was finally brought to life in 2018. We are here to inspire a positive shift in the lives of people we can reach and share the belief to #trustyourguts.



Most of us are trying hard to juggle it all in life, be it work-life balance, endless to-do lists or just trying to break through the general chaos of life. We let life push us in so many directions that we tend to lose control.

URBNMONK is all about trusting your guts and taking charge. Everything we do, ties back to that. URBNMONK defines us, our consumers and our community of changemakers. Modern-day people who strive to be the better self everyday and work on what truly matters to them. People who are self-aware and mindful of their choices. People who believe a small change can bring a big impact, in health or in life.

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IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kanpur


ex-Deutsche Bank

Hiker, Backpacker


IIT Kanpur



Ultra Runner

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